Monday, October 19, 2009


I made a wallpaper of twin birds, currently not speaking to each other. Click on it for the full size.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Swiss Cheese Makers

From swissmiss:

The Book about Swiss Cheese Makers began as an editorial project for a journalist friend. "I expected this to be an agricultural trip, meeting people who make a living through the production of cheese in a more or less industrial way," Scheffold confesses."But far from it: I met unorthodox lateral thinkers, visionary fellows, modest canny and successful people living and working in some of the most spectacular landscapes of Switzerland. Some sell their products abroad, inventing a new cheese every other month, some work exactly as they have learned from their fathers, now sometimes just selling to hikers visiting their remote location by chance. But all of them seemed to follow an individual vision they are not willing to betray for growth and money."

“Swiss Cheese Makers“, by Fabian & Istv├ín Scheffold & Vizner, Switzerland