Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Apartment

Hey everyone, I'm in the process of moving so expect regular updates to resume next week. Rob and I found a nice apartment in a nice area of the city.

We have some great tile in the kitchen.

Our first night in the apartment: eating pizza on a card table and sitting on lawn chairs. It's fun!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've been doing a few illustrations in this style and am liking it. This is based off an image from a book of medical oddities, rarities and disfigurings. Unlucky dude.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009


Richard Perez had the task of re branding for Jell-o. "Description: The re branding of Jell-o sought to re-instate the classic feeling of joy and happiness the gelatin dessert has brought to generations before without relying on nostalgia. By introducing a cast of fun styled characters and a visual vocabulary that feels fun and fresh, the new Jell-o identity burst with vibrancy and joy. The simple graphic fruit characters, bright color-palette and naive typography make the brand feel playful and pop without feeling too saccharine or like a Saturday morning cartoon."

I love the results. The new color palette and little characters look great. I'm always a fan of faces on objects, especially a Jell-o mold.

With Cheeseburgers

William Hundley is a photographer with some interesting sets on Flickr. My favorite is the With Cheeseburgers series. Something about it just really cracks me up. No explanation needed:

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Normally I don't watch those children's pageant shows, like Toddlers and Tiaras. I find them to be weird and I always feel bad when the little girls cry when mom gets crazy. But today I watched a few episodes (embarrassing, yes) of Little Miss Perfect on WeTV and it was hilarious! They focus on two girls per episode and they all seem to be happy and the families are just ridiculous.

So, my favorite girl was Shelby. As you can imagine, most of the families are wealthy and obsessed with looking good. Not Shelby's family. Her parents are really poor Florida rednecks and her mom looks like she would be her grandma. She wakes up at 3:30 am to work in a factory. They have hundreds of reptiles and the mom smokes tons of cigarettes inside their house. Somehow, little Shelby is beautiful and really seems like her strange parents stole her from a rich family.

They even made her dress up like Bindi Irwin and brought a snake onstage.

Vintage Kitchen Appliances

From Automatic Washer's collection of kitchens restored with vintage appliances. This is from user Unimatic1140:

Love those colors and that striped floor!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Justin Richel

I came across Justin Richel's work through A Print A Day. An image of thousands of little cakes really caught my eye. I love the aesthetics of creative and colorful baked goods and that's a lot of what Richel's work is all about.

The majority of his work either involves baked goods, birds or presidents. And lots of stacking elements.

These are various stages of his piece called Globe, it's really cool:

And for good measure, Rainbow Abe! It's for sale on Etsy for only $10!


Justin White goes by the name Jublin for his work. He's a great illustrator with an equally great sense of humor. These are two of my favorite things he has done recently:

This one is called Hot Dog Fever, awesome!! I actually ate a hot dog for lunch but he wasn't gnarly like this hot dog.

Make Me A Sandwich As Fast As You Can is self-explanatory and would make a great print to hang in the kitchen.

He regularly updates his Flickr and can find out how to purchase what he has for sale at

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Dudes

Pictured above: myself and my significant other, Rob. He's smiling on the inside. This was after my design show on May 1 on the first floor of the very unfinished new location of the art museum. My first non-boy article of clothing with the wonderful lumberjack pattern.

Now You Can Read About Design

I recently finished a new design for my design portfolio website (ALANABERRY.COM). It's my first flash website and think it turned out pretty good, except it doesn't work in Safari for some reason.

I've been looking at a lot of craft and design blogs lately and want to join in on the fun. I had this blog as a place to upload albums for people to take, but that is technically illegal and I was getting tired of being threatened with legal action. Being crafty and being a designer is my favorite thing in the world though, and now that I'm out of school I hope to have more time for personal projects.

Keeping up with a blog is hard work.

I also have a big collection of pictures saved that have caught my eye. Unfortunately I don't know where any of them came from and won't be crediting anyone for their hard work. If I want to be a REAL blogger, I have to credit people, so I'll work on that in the future.

An introduction of things I like:

A room with a circular window and lots of books, it seems like a modern Lord of the Rings house.

A belt made out of Camel cigarette boxes.

In general I love lomo photography even though I've never picked up a lomo camera.

I also really like weird drawings with funny words that are usually done by skateboarders who are also artists.

Outerspace is a favorite place of mine. This picture was taken by high school students who attached a digital camera to a weather balloon and sent it into the atmosphere.

Old vans from the 1970's and 1980's are way cool and I've always wanted one. I have a sick collection of these images.

I made a bunch of things for my senior portfolio class this past semester, but this might be my favorite. It's a pack of greeting cards with a little deer pattern on it. I'm thinking about selling them on etsy.

This is another thing I did for my portfolio class. It's a self promo to send out to prospective employers. I sewed an egg out of felt and put a book in the back with examples of my design work. It says "Crack Me Open!"

I'll be working on my format and will start showing projects I'm working on so check back!

Monday, May 11, 2009


i keep getting in trouble from all sorts of people for posting these albums. it's quite a hassle and only a matter of time before i regret this illegal activity. but now that it's summer i might feel like livin' on the edge again.

ryan adams has been posting these videos called "ryan's world" to youtube, it's great. in the latest one he does a terrible, terrible joke rendition of one his most beautiful songs. silly dude, best dude. fully support his marriage to mandy moore.