Monday, May 18, 2009


Richard Perez had the task of re branding for Jell-o. "Description: The re branding of Jell-o sought to re-instate the classic feeling of joy and happiness the gelatin dessert has brought to generations before without relying on nostalgia. By introducing a cast of fun styled characters and a visual vocabulary that feels fun and fresh, the new Jell-o identity burst with vibrancy and joy. The simple graphic fruit characters, bright color-palette and naive typography make the brand feel playful and pop without feeling too saccharine or like a Saturday morning cartoon."

I love the results. The new color palette and little characters look great. I'm always a fan of faces on objects, especially a Jell-o mold.

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Gaby said...

This reminds me of young Japanese girls. And, although I am not really a fan of jello, it makes me want some!