Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Everybodyfields - Nothing Is Okay (2007)

01. Aeroplane
02. Lonely Anywhere
03. Don't Turn Around
04. Leaving Today
05. Birthday
06. Savior
07. Be Miner
08. Wasted Time
09. Everything Is Okay
10. Tuesday
11. Over and Done
12. Out On the Highway

Don't let their kind of goofy name put you off. It's been awhile since I was so impressed and happy to find a band I have never heard of. "Lonely Anywhere" is my favorite track so far, and it's so good I'm listening to it on repeat, which I never do. This album is highly reccommended.

"Like a good cry-and like the best country music-Jill Andrews and Sam Quinn's songs are all shuddering sighs, aching confessions and upturned hearts spilling out over layers of pedal steel, fiddle and acoustic guitar, delivered by two of the most disparately beautiful voices to ever meld."

Paste Magazine's "Top Albums of 2007" feature


Why? - Alopecia (2008)

01. The Vowels Pt. 2
02. Good Friday
03. These Few Presidents
04. The Hollows
05. Song of the Sad Assassin
06. Gnashville
07. Fatalist Palmistry
08. The Fall of Mr. Fifths
09. Brook & Waxing
10. A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under
11. Twenty Eight
12. Simeon's Dilemma
13. By Torpoedo or Crohn's
14. Exegesis

"As expected, the band--Yoni Wolf, Josiah Wolf, Doug McDiarmid--continues its calculated blitzkrieg on that self-made jangle-rap, indie pop 'n' roll genre, but the stakes are raised."

Half of the songs are like this electronic indie rock and the other half is some weird indie hip hop. The album doesn't come out until March and there seems to be a bit of hype surrounding its release, so check it out.


She & Him - Volume One (2008)

01. Sentimental Heart
02. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here
03. This Is Not A Test
04. Change Is Hard
05. I Thought I Saw Your Face Today
06. Take It Back
07. I Was Made For You
08. You Really Gotta Hold On Me
09. Black Hole
10. Got Me
11. I Should Have Known Better
12. Sweet Darlin'
13. Untitled

It's M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel! Remember when she sang "Baby It's Cold Outside" in Elf and everyone was like awww her voice is so cute? A whole album!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Matt Costa - Unfamiliar Faces (2008)

01. Mr. Pitiful
02. Lilacs
03. Never Looking Back
04. Emergency Call
05. Vienna
06. Unfamiliar Faces
07. Cigarette Eyes
08. Downfall
09. Trying To Lose My Mind
10. Bound
11. Heart Of Stone
12. Miss Magnolia

"On the strength of the folky, beautiful Songs, which displays his gentle artistry and skillful acoustic guitar playing, Costa earned a rep as an L.A. buzz act, crisscrossed the U.S. in a van, and performed at all the major North American music festivals including Coachella, Lollapalooza, Sasquatch, Bonnaroo, and Austin City Limits among others."

I've been listening to his last album, Songs We Sing for a few years, so I was really excited for this release. Highly recommended, he's super cute.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend (2008)

01. Mansard Roof
02. Oxford Comma
03. A Punk
04. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
05. M79
06. Campus
07. Bryn
08. One (Blake's Got A New Face)
09. I Stand Corrected
10. Walcott
11. The Kids Don't Stand A Chance

These guys are getting a lot of attention right now. They might be the new big thing or whatever, I saw them on MTV a few days after this album leaked. They're like a cooler and newer Paul Simon. Here's what the first few songs sound like:

"The first track is the lead single, Mansard Roof. A track as studious as it sounds, with tight changes, nice lyrics, and crisp melodies, a perfect pop moment that would make fans of Belle and Sebastian squeal into their book bags. The band then up the ante with Oxford Comma, again, just as collegiate friendly, but with a little more bite to it. In it they even manage to drop a well-pronounced F-bomb and make it sound like the Queen's English. The overall result is my favorite track off the disc. The song A Punk (months already on itunes) continues the impressive string of songs at three now, A Punk carries a bit more Strokes flavor to it in its brevity and faster pacing, but its pace doesn't seem foreign at all. The Paul Simon-isms finally rear their head with the track Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa. I immediately think of You Can Call Me Al, with that overbearing saxophone and stop-start melody. Even though that maybe be purely unfounded, I'm pretty sure others will hear what I'm talking about. Maybe it's the worldly guitar line, or it could be the vocal stop-start of the verses? After it's all said and done, it's nothing the hipsters won't be able to swallow."

anyway, highly recommended.



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