Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why? - Alopecia (2008)

01. The Vowels Pt. 2
02. Good Friday
03. These Few Presidents
04. The Hollows
05. Song of the Sad Assassin
06. Gnashville
07. Fatalist Palmistry
08. The Fall of Mr. Fifths
09. Brook & Waxing
10. A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under
11. Twenty Eight
12. Simeon's Dilemma
13. By Torpoedo or Crohn's
14. Exegesis

"As expected, the band--Yoni Wolf, Josiah Wolf, Doug McDiarmid--continues its calculated blitzkrieg on that self-made jangle-rap, indie pop 'n' roll genre, but the stakes are raised."

Half of the songs are like this electronic indie rock and the other half is some weird indie hip hop. The album doesn't come out until March and there seems to be a bit of hype surrounding its release, so check it out.


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