Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hot Pocket

Justin Perricone uses typography to show all of the ingredients in a Ham and Cheese Hot Pocket.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It snowed last night, and once again left Lancaster city in this quiet quilt of fluff. Snow falling has always been my favorite sound, the sound of nothing that muffles everything else. It's best out in the country where you can really start to feel like no one else in the world is alive. Holga cameras capture that haunting solitude perfectly:

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Rain in NOLA

Well I'm going to Mardi Gras in 12 days! Rob and I will be with my brother, his boyfriend and a big group of great people. New Orleans is such a cool city and I'm excited to bring Rob for his first time there. Pompob on Flickr has this great set of rainy days photos in the French Quarter.

While this looks beautiful, I'm hoping for sun and a mid 70's temperature.

A strip club and crawfish joint... welcome to New Orleans.

One of my favorite things is being able to walk the streets with alcohol, as long as it's not in a glass bottle. Pennsylvania would be quick to arrest a person for that.

There's a little sign under "Pat O'Brien's" advertising mint juleps. The perfect southern drink, along with an early morning bloody mary.

I can fondly remember getting 2 bottles of Jim Beam from Matassa's Market.

This isn't quite in the French Quarter, but the swamps are beautiful. Rob and I are excited to hang out in swamp country on our visit to the Big Easy!

Red and Pale Yellow

And not one picture with french fries and ketchup:








Pink and Blue

I've been having a lot fun with Multicolr Search Lab's Flickr search by color page. You decide on the colors and it pulls images from Flickr that match your search. It's amazing seeing 50 thumbnails of all different photographs that look so similar because of the colors.

Source: romdos

Source: mrjorgen "Which socks should I wear today?"

Source: otherthings

Source: Stefan

Source: Thomas Hawk

Source: Scout Seventeen

Expect a few more of these posts, I'm being entertained.