Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 4th

This was a really quick and easy craft idea. I painted a Ball jar where the glass was raised. Then I put a purple votive candle in the jar so it could melt down.

Last Christmas I made salt dough ornaments and Rob made these. The first one is him riding a Saint Bernard and holding an AK-47. The second one is a devil holding two smiling heads. I love these because they're beyond weird.

A table in my living room with a few cute things on it.

Well-presented mochas from Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I spent the 4th of July on a boat in Michigan with my brother and some other great people. The fireworks were set off in the water and it was a beautiful time.

Tomorrow I'm getting a haircut. I'm mildly ashamed to admit that a pair of scissors haven't touched my hair in over 2 years. It's amazing how little effort I put into my appearance. So obviously this haircut is long overdue and I'm very excited! Perhaps I'll show the results tomorrow.

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