Monday, May 23, 2011

Barritt's Ginger Beer

I am a huge fan of ginger beer. I've tried and enjoyed lots of different brands but always failed to find the king of ginger beers: Barritt's. It has been brewed in Bermuda for over 100 years and is the original ingredient in a Dark and Stormy (also originated in Bermuda).

I've yet to see it in any retail stores, it seems like they only sell wholesale. But yesterday I came home from work and there was an entire case waiting for me.

Thanks to Rob, who surprised me with this perfect drink. Barritt's is made with real cane sugar and I was amazed to taste the difference from regular processed sugar. It's so clean, sweet, just a little spicy and extraordinarily refreshing. Add vodka and fresh squeezed lime juice for a Moscow Mule!

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