Friday, August 14, 2009


Tuesday was Rob's 31st birthday and I think I had a nice day for him. He's not a birthday person so I just wrapped up his presents and didn't plan anything for dinner. We ended up making pizza and drinking scotch and black cherry soda/whiskeys!

Here's a little craft idea. I had a gift bag and a gift to put in the bag, but no tissue paper left over. Lucky for me, the liquor store had just put my bottle of wine in a nice brown paper bag. I cut the bag into thin strips and crumpled them up to use as filler to hide the gift. I think they even sell this stuff at craft stores, but you can so easily make it yourself.

I made a little cross-stitch to encourage Rob's good mood for the year.

This banner didn't take long to make and it was so cute. String, colored stock paper, tape and glue!

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Gaby said...

Oh my gosh, you are so adorably crafty! 31 and fun, simply the best.