Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wedding Blogs For Daily Life

A few months ago I got into reading wedding blogs. This is unusual since I'm not engaged or married. My boyfriend thinks it's weird. But what I like about them is the constant display of creativity at its finest. The weddings featured are young creative couples who would only naturally use that talent for their wedding day.

There are a lot of reasons to look at these blogs if you're not engaged or married. The wedding details can be used for so many other events, parties or just daily life.

Flowers are the number one reason to look at these blogs. There are cute ideas for arrangements that you can use in your home any day of the year.

Because flowers are centerpieces at weddings, the new ideas never stop. I love the use of these old tins for vases.

How about the idea of using a hollowed out short log for a vase? Very cool, I especially like the carved initials.

I like these homemade cards, they could be used for any occasion!

Cute little stitching, it would make a good Valentine's or Anniversary gift.

If you're the kind of person that has dinner parties, this is a great twist on traditional name cards.

Well I always love creative stationary.

I'm all about this outdoor setup. Food is something I didn't focus on this time around, but wedding blogs are awesome for recipes and food styling.

Favorite wedding blogs: Green Wedding Shoes, Once Wed, and 100 Layer Cake.

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Gaby said...

I love Once Wed! And just because someone enjoys a wedding blog or two doesn't mean they are itching for a hitching.