Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Russian Red - I Love Your Glasses (2008)

01. Cigarettes
02. No Past Land
03. They Don't Believe
04. Gone, Play On
05. Hold It Inside
06. Nice Thick Feathers
07. Kiss My Elbow
08. Take Me Home
09. Walls Are Tired
10. Timing Is Crucial
11. Just Like A Wall
12. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

She's from Madrid and has a bit of a Regina Spektor feel to her, but less nuts. I can't find too much information about her. Outstanding tracks are "Cigarettes" and a srsly beautiful cover of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". Also she's really really pretty, so there's a higher chance of her gaining some popularity this year with this album.

myspace (to check out her pixXx)

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victor said...

better her new LP Agent Cooper