Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yelle - Pop Up (2007)

01. Ce Jeu
02. A Cause Des Garcons
03. Dans Ta Vrale Vie
04. Tristesse/Joie
05. Mal Poli
06. Les Femmes
07. Tu Es Beau
08. Je Veux Te Voir
09. Amour Du Sol
10. Mon Meilleur Ami
11. 85a
12. Jogging
13. A Cause Des Garcons remix
14. A Cause Des Garcons remix

She's french, obv. This came out in August of '07, but it's a French import so it's taken awhile to gain popularity in the US. You should probably get this if you're trying to stay on top of what cool songs are playing at dance parties. You may have already heard "Ce Jeu". It's all in French and surprisingly that doesn't bother me at all. RIYL: Crystal Castles, Justice, New Young Pony Club.


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