Sunday, January 13, 2008

Alphabeat - Alphabeat

01. 10,000 Nights of Thunder
02. Fascination
03. Into The Jungle
04. What Is Happening?
05. Rubber Boots/Mackintosh
06. Boyfriend
07. Ocean Blue
08. Fantastic 6
09. The Hours
10. Nothing But My Baby

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This band is FUUUNNNN. "Alphabeat is, in despite of their relative short existence, already well-known for their great engangement and their always good mood. Their music can make everyone smile, and give even the most shy the guts to dance in front of everybody... There are six of them, they're from Denmark and this is their self-explanatory theme tune. Primary colored pop that burbles on about "Major Tom" and "space troopers", it suggests that their mission statement - "the love child of the B-52s and Wham produced by Nile Rodgers” - is spot on. They're currently on tour in the UK and there's more where this came from in the New Year."

They haven't ever toured the US and I've never met anyone that's heard of them, so get on it.

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Lucas Penido said...

Great post! I tell you...they are going to be huge in the US but a phenomenon in the!