Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Forest City Lovers - The Sun and the Wind

(album cover nowhere to be found)

01. Castles!
02. Doorsteps
03. Song For Morrie
04. Beneath Rocks & Sand
05. Scared Of Time
06. Lost Parts
07. On The Basis
08. In Flight
09. Oh Humility
10. Mermaids

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If you like Feist, highly recommended.


Daniel Mathews said...

Hey. Your blog is great :) Especially since you posted this album.

If you like this you should try their new album, it's more melodic, bouncier and crucially, even better!


Anonymous said...

Hi guys.

Kat here, from Forest City Lovers. I just found your page and I am so happy you like the music....BUT I would really encourage you to buy it, even just from zunior.com or itunes if need be. We are a wee little indie band and we'd love if you bought the album or downloads, it means a lot to us. We always appreciate the support and work hard to get the music out to you. I like sharing mp3s of bands you like, but if you really like the music, please do buy the record and support the artist.